That Time Davi Almost Ended Blair Because Of His Screw Up

Davi’s husband has been great about helping her out with some of what we call the “mental load.” Remembering small things like restocking toilet paper, figuring out what to make for dinner, sending thank you cards and birthday presents, doing laundry, remembering schedules, grocery lists, organizing things for the house that need to get done…all that silent stuff adds up, and that’s what we call the “mental load,” and usually, it’s the woman that silently bears it.

And since Blair’s been so awesome at jumping in, he’s been RSVPing for them both for weddings they’ve been invited to.

And then he screwed up something SO majorly…it was almost so bad. Like REALLY bad.

Ok, so she didn’t really almost murder him. But you can pick up the vibe of the level of screw up we’re talking about.


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