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Ariana Grande’s $100,000 Ring!

Okay you guys, we finally have the scoop on Ariana Grande’s engagement ring. I mean, it’s no big deal. It’s only just 100,000 dollars!?!?!?!?!?! The ring is beautiful, but I can think of a thousand different things you can buy for 100,000 dollars. For example, a water jet pack, Tesla, one hundred thousand bean burritos…MORE


Restaurant Name Switch Ups

Should other restaurants make the change like IHOB?? Probably not… but if some restaurants were to change their name, what should they be? For Wendy’s, the Bomb Squad thinks they would change to “ 4 for 4”, due to their amazing four for $4 meal choices. My go to conversation starter is talking about @wendys…MORE


Bird Scooters Are The Latest Trend

It’s a bird, a plane… it’s a scooter? The Bird scooters have landed in Atlanta and are growing rapidly. Bird is a California based company that created a dock-less, electric scooter for short convenient trips that are too far to walk but too short of a distance to drive. With the Bird, you can have…MORE


IHOb: The B is For Burgers…?

From pancakes to burgers? IHOP tweeted last week that for their 60th anniversary they are revamping and flipping the “P” upside down and introduced IHOb. This had followers guessing what the b could stand for. IHOP announced their temporary name: IHOb, B standing for Burgers. The Internet found this shift to be quite funny, including…MORE


Adam Bomb is throwing America’s biggest party LIVE – five days a week! This show has everything – great music, the biggest stars and the kind of celeb juice that can only be delivered by Adam Bomb.

Afternoons – 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST right here on Q100!

Stand back from the speaker… this party is LOUD!


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